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The Ultimate Precision Baccarat Strategy

For Professional Players

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The F-15 Baccarat strategy evolved from an initial investigation into a universal bet selection method for all possible patterns. i.e. in search of the Holy Grail. However, from a mathematical perspective, a Holy Grail bet selection does not exist and application of any rigid mechanical bet selection method to all possible patterns will in fact yield nothing i.e. Total Gains = Total Losses ( not taking account of the 5% commission lost on a Banker win ). However, further research and investigation led to the current method of play code-named F-15.

Method of play is fairly mechanical

  • Bet selection is primarily based on the best statistically established bet selection but final bet selection is further guided by 7 recorded indicators or betting signals
  • 4-levels of betting progression with per shoe net target units averaging between 12 – 33 units depending on the level played
  • Bankroll required: 189 units ( split into 3 lots x 63 units ) for the 1stlevel and 477 units ( split into 3 lots x 159 units ) at the 4thlevel. Only 1 lot of any level is utilized for any playing session